Sprite Sheet Question: Lip Sync

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  • When working within the "edit animations" section of the software, does duplicating an image in the timeline create another image in on the sprite sheet or does Construct 2 just know to visit the original frame again during playback?

    I'm asking because I was thinking of doing some lip syncing in my game but just wanted to use about 5 different mouth shapes and reuse them in the order I need depending on what was being said. If it just keeps building up the sprite sheet that could get pretty large.


  • Whilst I'm not too sure about how c2 handles duplicate images, may I suggest doing lipsyncing in an alternative way? Mainly to do with checking an audio files position as it is playing in c2 and chnaging the mouth frame depending on the section that is being played. Just a suggestion :D

  • Construct 2 doesn't identify duplicate images yet, although this could be added in future. You could work around it by re-using the same animation frames in events.

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  • Ashley is there a way to put in my sequence in a single event? For example: play frame (1,2,4,3,5,1,1,2)

    Or would I use on event per frame?

    Jase00 I'll give that some thought. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Wow 4 years later, did you ever find an answer?

    I'm gonna try and use #SpriterPro, but not sure how I'm going to integrate the audio. I can either use SpriterPro to syn the animations to the sound file, or use Construct2 to play both the audio and lipsync.

  • BurningWood Sorry. Haven't been on the forum in a really long time. Spriter has integration with Papagayo (free) which is what I plan on using. Check it out

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