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  • When adding a sprite font on the layout, it is distorted. But not when I preview it in the browser

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions on how to solve this.

    Construct2 R226.



  • This is a video driver issue. Try updating your driver. Otherwise you are looking at a new video card to avoid this. This has been documented many times.

  • I thought it could have been a driver issue, but I saved out a sprite font png and it's working just fine. I don't know if it has anything to do with size. I loaded the purchased sprite font in PS and saved it back out, but still it's distorted.

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  • If you provide a simple .capx with the issue, we can test it for you as well.

  • In the capx the first one is distorted (purchased) and the second one made with GiveYourFontsMono

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/11t71igo7lqp4 ... .capx?dl=0

  • In your project's properties, set the "Sampling" to "Point". If you are using any kind of pixel art images (even a small sprite font like this one) you have to use point samplig to get that pixellated look.


    Choose between linear (smooth) and point (pixellated) sampling when resizing images. Linear is recommended for modern games with hi-res graphics, and point is better suited to retro games with blocky pixel art."

    Source: https://www.scirra.com/manual/66/projects

  • Thanks glerikud. But no luck there. Only on the layout is it distorted. When I preview it, it looks just fine.

  • The layout won't render your project like previewing does. So if you use images that small for objects, even with point sampling, the editor will display them distorted. I don't know any way of fixing that, but maybe someone can help you there

  • Thanks glerikud. I'm going to scale it up in PS and see if that helps.

  • See this thread:

    If that matches your problem, (see my video in that thread)

    drag a sprite font off the left side of the layout, and everything will snap into place for the duration of that session.

    Then just undo to put the one you dragged back where it was.

  • Thanks Paradox, but it didn't work for me. I did scale it up in PS. Made is1024x768 (8 times larger than the original). In CS2 I also set the character width and height 8 times larger. Still in the layout distorted but in preview looks ok. Bugger hahaha.

  • [Problem Soved]

    What I did in PhotoShop: Increased the purchased sprite font *.png height so that it had a blank row. It seems that if the last row of characters in the *.png are at the base, it won't display correctly in the layout.

  • If this is a bug, it might worth to file it.

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