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  • Just wondering... is there any way that sprite font could be improved?

    I'm happy that we finally have something, but I find it strange that I have to go in and manually adjust the gaps between individual letters. M,m,W,w is larger, I,i,l are shorter, same with t,b, etc.

    I want to have some sprites at 30 size font, others at 16, others at 100. This means I have to set each size up for every font, and go through a lot of trial and error.

    I've found that I get fed up, and find it quicker to just open up Photoshop, type out the font I want, and save it as a png.

    Why is the font sprite not smart enough to auto adjust based on the width of the letters, like every other font tool I've used in the past? The only thing I am able to use it for are numbers, and even then I have the occasional quirk with any number above 9.

    Sorry if it's blatantly obvious, or I'm missing something that I should be doing. I think it's great that you can change the character width, but I don't think you should have to every time.

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  • Use this.

    Whit this tool, the C2 sprite font show text perfectly.


  • Nofish

    Thanks, but this isn't a permanent fix. This should be how it always looks. I don't have to mess around with the standard font, nor the font in Photoshop, and other such programs.

    Why is this simply not default, and the bizarre gaps optional.

    To me it looks messy in my code.

    I'd rather use Photoshop for the time being, as I hope this'll get fixed, meaning the use of arrays and JSON are not required to make a simple tool work correctly.

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