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  • Apologies if there is a thread on this already, but are there any plans to incorporate basic image editing functions into the sprite animation window?

    For example, when I am creating a game, it's good for me to throw down the bare bones of objects with basically no artwork, just one colour images, and then I get the events done and game functioning how I want. I then enjoy creating the nice looking sprites for my game afterwards.

    Is it possible that you will be adding the basic functions such as 'colour fill', crop and resize?

    It's not an urgent request, I can easily draw crappy, basic pictures in MS Paint and load them but it would be nice if it could all be done from within construct.

    I hope the above makes sense. I just basically want the ability to quickly create an image for a sprite as a temporary place-hold until I finish the game functionality and create all the proper artwork.


  • Yep, we had a full image editor in Classic and we've been meaning to add one to C2 as well. We're just a 2-man team with too much to do :)

  • Why? Just use paint.net, photoshop, gimp or whatever and import.

    c2 editor can never be as good as f.e photoshop.

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  • The worst is having to open an external program just to create a red rectangle for example. Isn't there a simple open source editor that could be integrated ? That's what the Stencyl guys did since coding a sprite editor from scratch is indeed a lot of work.

  • Well, for quick rectangles and stuff like that, I made a placeholder graphics folder with several rectangles of several sizes I generaly uses (16, 32, 64) and different colors.

    Also recently 7Soul released some nice icons and prototyping images.

    There are also other members releasing nice art that can be used for placeholder in the "Tools/ressources" forum.

    It's always handy and quicker than doing and redoing rectangles each time you need something.

    In the end, I managed gathering far more sprites than I actualy need/use ^^

    But in need, it's always handy.

  • Well yeah if you want just a solid color rectangle just store a rect image with minimal size like 8x8 and stretch it in C2 no need for different sizes. If i don't find a suitable pixel editor for myself i think i'll make one :) Fun stuff. Yeah PS and Paint.Net don't cut it for pixel pushin

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