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  • Just to brain storm and gather information from the community members.

    Where do you guys get art inspiration from for the games you are making.

    Mine are currently mega man series, street fighter, king of fighters, secret of mana, gun star heroes, and some of the x-men games.

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  • Other video games, fantasy art, comic book art, old cartoons, classical paintings, etc.

    I look at a lot of older games all the way from Amiga to Sega Genesis to Arcade.

    I also break down games, record videos, analyze animation frames in photoshop, study sprite sheets, and do experiments and sketches.

    I study whatever games I think mine will play like. There's quite a long list because each game has some aspect that I like. For example, maybe I like the simple walk animation in one game, or maybe I like the sword play mechanics in a game. I use them for reference, not to copy, but to have a starting point.

    I'll list a few I guess:

    samurai shodown (arcade)

    x-men (genesis)

    golden axe series (arcade)

    shadow of the beast (amiga and genesis)

    altered beast (genesis)

    revenge of shinobi (genesis)

    most old fighting games (x-men vs street fighter, king of fighters, etc.)

    kid chameleon (genesis)

    chakan (genesis)

    ranger x (genesis)

    super castlevania iv (snes)

    symphony of the night (ps1)

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