Speed differences of web preview VS ported phone app

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  • Hi guys,

    I would like to know how big is the speed difference of the game on mobile devices, if you launch it in web preview mode vs stand-alone installed game.

    When I try the game on mobile device (Microsoft Lumia 650) in web browser preview the game runs on stable 18-20 FPS but i need it to run at least 35. On some android devices, which have less powerful components the game runs better than on Lumia, generraly all Iphones devices runs At least 30 - 40 FPS.

    The game have no scrolling background only objects with bullet behaviour. No particle effects, no webGL effects etc. Roughly about 60 objects exists in the run-time.

    Simplified question Would be: Is the game going to get a speed-up if it is released on specific platform, and if so, how big is the difference going to be?

  • It's best not to rely on on performance being better than export. Do an export and then test out the game. Don't rely on browser preview on a device if that's not your games model for distribution. I have heard a number of cases where performance is improved, but relying on that chance is very risky.

  • Thank you for your reply, I'm aware of the risk, I didn't port any game on mobile platforms yet, so I dont know how long and tedious is the process of porting the game on specific platform. I am kinda scared of the porting process when I read posts on forums, what doesn't work and what problems are in the way.

    So I want to be as prepared as possible, to have a game with decent FPS, before I start porting.

    Some specific percentage or probability of the speed-up would be nice, but I understand, that it isn't that easy.

    Are there some do's and dont's when I want to get as fast port as possible, or which mobile platform is easiest to port? I don't need performance guidelines, that is something I already studied.

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  • Nope, if you studied the performance one. Then I think your good.

  • Ok, and which platform is easiest / fastest to deploy to ?

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