Spawning instances of objects not in layout?

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  • I was just wondering what is happening with the issue of not being able to spawn instances of objects that are not present in the layout.

    It makes sense to be able to spawn any object in the project, and this feature would be a HUGE help for level editing.

    Of course it probably is a technical problem that I have no experience with, but I was just wondering how that is going/if scirra intends to fix.

    EDIT: It seems I just spawned an object not on the current layout...

    Either Scirra fixed this under my nose or I an very ignorant ;)

    Probably both ;)

  • I think, that kind of spanwing worke with previouse releases as well, but was nut offical "supported"....It think I have done it every once in a while and has some strange expriences with it

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  • Yeah, I know for sure at one point I was getting errors whenever I did it... I wonder if it is still unsupported?

    EDIT: ahh, it is all clear now. You only need one of each object type in ONE layout.

    Too easy. Silly me for making a fuss ;)

  • Yeah, you just need at least one instance in any layout in the project so it knows what properties to use when creating it. Currently if there are no instances at all C2 doesn't know what to use for the object's properties, but I guess in future we could fix it to just use defaults. Just a bit of a tricky point in the engine right now.

  • Yes, this does make sense. This is quite a nice revelation for me, actually ;)

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