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  • Hi, sorry for my english.

    I can't found any source file of game where genre - classic point'n'click quest.

    I think not only I will glad (because is typical genre)if someone with good experience will made a .capx file with basic quest-actions. Without graphics, only basics - HUD, talking, use, take, inventory, walk (with animation), change backgrounds etc.

    Not only me, I think many peoples will be grateful if someone do it. One man with good knoweledges can make it at 1 hour, but it will helpfull for many.

  • Check the how do I FAQ you can find the mechanics you talk about already listed there.

    Also, it's wrong to think it takes only 1 hour to do, it's far from being the case.

    Anyway, have a search in the FAQ and in the tutorials you'll find there's already everything you need to do a point 'n click type of game.

  • Okay, but still, this genre classic and most popular (because simple). Everything is already invented at this mechanic.

    I hope one day someone will do and put .capx here (maybe it will me, but not soon).

    It not only for quest. Sources better than tutorial.

  • I've actually got a point and click adventure RPG in the works myself, and I can assure you there is nothing simple about the genre.

    The problem with your request is that most of the components you listed take far more than an hour to plan out, program, and debug for each component. You'll find plenty of tutorials for each piece of gameplay, but to create a full template is not only a lot of work but also would likely be very difficult for anyone to learn because of how complex these systems can be and how intertwined they will be.

    You really are better off reading tutorials for each individual component you want in your game and practicing on your own, so you can develop your own engine that you're comfortable working with that has only the components you need.

    If you need help with figuring out how to make certain features work, asking in the "How Do I?" sub-forum can be extremely helpful with all the people in this community willing to try to answer any questions you may have in your development.

  • ok, thanks

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  • Kyatric and TL22 are right--making an adventure game with C2 is quite doable, but no small undertaking.

    I don't know if it will help you, but here is my "port" of part 2 of sciDave's "Mikey's Adventure" from Construct Classic to Construct 2. You should do some of the standard tutorials first (like the ghost shooter and platform tutorials) so that you understand what is going on.

    Forum Thread: Mikey's Adventure for C2

    Capx: MikeysAdventure_pt2_noInventory

    Since I never heard back from scidave I dropped the idea of redoing his tutorial. If enough people are interested, I could make another adventure game tutorial from scratch.

  • I know this is an old thread, but I'm interested!

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