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    Really can't figure this out!

    I can't get sound effects and music to work together/at the same time.

    If music is playing can't hear sound effects, if I delete the play Music event then I can hear my sound effects fine!

    None of the tutorials or Manual stuff seems to talk about this. D

    Don't know what I'm doing wrong, obviously it's meant to be fairly straight forward to have a music backing track with a few sounds over the top?

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  • I can't answer your questions because I'm experiencing a similar problem, I've noticed that happen when I change the volume of the sound (eg -10 -20 ...) on the play action.

    What about you ? Are you using different volume for your sounds ?

  • Yes was trying to use different volumes as I thought it was important to have the sounds louder than the music or the sounds would be lost in the music.

    Sound stuff just doesn't seem to work properly. Tags aren't making any difference either which is stupid.

  • People from Scirra tend to ignore this problem.

    None of my posts about sound adjustment problems (particularly on ios device) was ever answered...

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