No sounds on ipad with latest construct 2 export

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  • Hi,

    I upgraded to latest construct 2 version today(r163). I exported my game as html5 export through construct 2. suddenly, the games sounds(which always used to work before) stopped working. Here is the current behavior

    -- some sounds don't play even if i run the game for the first time(which never was the case before. I only had issues with the offline cache earlier).

    -- none of the sounds play, when i run the game second time.

    I used to have this problem a while back, I worked my way around it by removing the sound files from the offline cache. Now, that does not work either.

    I have the old version(which exported with old version of construct 2) on the server, that still works as it supposed to be. I did not make any changes to my capx. I was wondering if any of you experienced any issues recently.

    As always, appreciate your help



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  • We have not made any audio-related changes for some time and as far as we know audio works correctly. The most common problems with audio are incorrect server MIME types.

  • Thanks for quick reply Ashley!

    After more debugging, I figured that this is happening in safari on mac too. I am getting this error on safari console

    "Viewport argument key "minimal-ui" not recognized and ignored.", I am not sure what that means.

    In first run, audio works find except for couple of sounds. second time nothing works.

    since its happening on mac too, I will debug more.

    can you tell me if I can downgrade my c2 to earlier versions and export again to see if it works.

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