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  • Hi. I bought the Personal edition and tried to import some sound effects (wav) but in the import dialog it says the file is not in the proper format and cant be converted (yellow ! icon) but its from the official ressourcepack. It says I need Windows 7+ to convert it to AAC but I have Windows 7 64 Bit installed (running 64 Bit STEAM version of Constructor 2).

    I looked for new sound drivers but on the ACER (Aspire M3203) website there are no newer drivers (Realtek from 2009). Can I install other drivers to fix this or are codecs missing I need to install?



  • I've noticed construct is a bit picky about its wav import. Are the files mono or stereo? Are they 16 bit? I'm not sure of the specifics, but in my experience exporting a 16 bit stereo wav file out of audacity or any other audio program works fine, other settings give mixed results. If you've downloaded the sound effects from somewhere try re-exporting them in your audio editor and it should hopefully do the trick.

  • if I have any problems with sounds, then just use free WavePad Sound Editor and save sound file as PCM (wav) - works in 100% cases

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  • Construct Import window says its PCM - stero - 16 Bit. Its a .wav from the official ressourcepack you get after buying the Personal edition so it should be the proper format already? But it says it cant be converted to AAC, I need Windows 7+. But I have the latest Windows 7. <img src="smileys/smiley5.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • "However due to licensing restrictions around the proprietary MPEG-4 AAC format, Construct 2 will only encode .m4a files on Windows 7 and newer. Users on Windows XP and Vista must encode .m4a files on their own. The file extension must be .m4a. Free encoders are available; try searching the web for an AAC encoder"

    I have Win7 too, Premium or something, and it works fine

  • If you have Windows 7 N, it doesn't come with the AAC encoder, so you'll still have to encode the AAC files yourself. The ordinary Windows 7 does include this feature though.

    Also, if either Steam or Construct 2 are running in compatibility mode as an earlier version of Windows, it will also disable the AAC encoding feature (since it faithfully mimics the fact the earlier version of Windows did not have that feature). Check the compatibility mode hasn't set Windows XP or similar.

  • Hi. Thank you very much for pointing this out Ashley. <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    It seems STEAM / Construct was set to compatibility mode when it crashed last time! When I rightclick the Construct2.exe the compmode is disabled (I enabled run as Admin but the window title already showed run as admin, steam is launched with admin rights). But when I check steam.exe the use compatibility mode check is greyed out and Windows XP is set in the dropdown. I clicked on "Set for all users" and disabled it.

    I created a new project and importet a .wav and it worked! I have a .wav, .ogg and .acc now. But do I need the .wav in the project or can I delete it?

    Can I just re-import the existing files or do I have to delete them and add all actions for them again?

  • It seems Construct does not like mono files very well. When I try to import them they are not converted to .ogg (mono wav with 8 or 16 bit).

    When I try to re-import existing files most of the time new numbers are added at the end but not everytime. Last time only the missing files were added but it seems to be random (at least I could not find out how it works exactly).

    Example: I had sheep.ogg, I imported the wav again and got a .m4a and .wav. This time no numbers were added and no second file was in the dialog for Audio.Play. But most times you have to change all audio actions to play the new file with the number appended.

    I found the search for actions is really helpful for that but is there another way to do it faster?

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