NO sound chrome or firefox when using construct 2 on my 64 bit win 7

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  • Sound is good when using my 32 bit install win 7, what gives this is very annoying. I have been struggling now for two months and can't nail down the problem. It is not my system since I use the same computer for two different operating systems using the boot loader. Same sound card and hardware so rule that out. What have they done to these browsers that killed the sound, there is no issue with any web content not playing sound it is only construct 2.


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  • I moved my project from the 64 bit win 7 to my 32 bit win 7 same computer same hardware > sound is fine on the 32 so I moved it back to the win 7 64 bit system and after the move all the browsers now have sound. I am using R260 both systems, can anyone please explain what is causing this issue with a new project not having sound if built or made on the 64 bit windows system. I moved to a 64 bit sys to have better resources and all I have is problems now. The only difference in hardware is the hard drive itself, both systems are on the same computer and use the same hardware, video sound etc drivers are fine . Something is being added on the save for the 32 bit system that makes it work on the 64 bit, what it is ?

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