Sound C2 exports Windows doesn't work

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  • Hello,

    So this bug DOESN'T come from Construct 2 and it is also not related to my project so I won't post any Caps. I have double checked on other computers AND other projects the issue is only on my computer whatever the project is. I believe this is a Windows issue.

    The issue is that I cannot hear sounds coming from Construct 2 exports anymore. When I export my game as an .exe I cannot hear any sounds coming from the game. It used to work before though. However when I try my game from Construct 2, the sound works perfectly fine. I have checked the volume mixer and it seems that the game doesn't appear in it, maybe that come from there ?

    There is no problems with any other games, applications or softwares.

    I have Windows 8.1 64bits and Construct 2 v233.

    Many thanks !

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