Sound Bug - Audio Loops When Set Not To

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  • I can't figure out why these audio files keep looping. So InRoomNumber is the number of the room you are in. When I walk into room 3 it loops. It's almost like its acting like it is happening every tick, but it isn't set under tick. It keeps playing the same sound file repeatedly prior to it finishing (almost like 1 play every second or less). I can't figure out why. Any help would be appreciated.

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  • it is being read every tick. add a trigger once condition. the way it is currently set up is every tick that InRoomNumber=3 play sound event. I

    from How events work in the manual

    Another way to think about an event is "If all conditions are met then run actions on the instances meeting the conditions".

    se here to learn more on how events work they may seem simple but in reality the are complex things

  • volkiller730 Thanks man that worked well. Didn't even realize it had a Trigger Once. Or atleast I forgot seeing. I figured it was happening every tick based on how it sounded, just couldn't figure out why if it wasn't in the System Every Tick.

    And yea I realized the adding other conditions and ended up using it for that particular bathroom one, but it just seemed like a bit too much just to trigger a sound once. The Trigger Once ended up solving it for the other one that was giving me problems.

    Thanks again

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