Sorting Array values from LARGEST to SMALLEST

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  • Hi!

    It seems that the sort action of an array just sorts alphabetically?? (see photo) 16 > 2?

    Can anyone provide me how will i achieve to sort my values from LARGEST to SMALLEST?

    Why is construct does not give users option on sorting..

    Thank you!

  • Sort it ascending and then reverse it.

    Check this example to see how.

    Hope this helps.


  • But be careful, if you have Steph Curry and Kawhi Leonard on your list they will always come out on top, no matter how you sort it.

  • But be careful, if you have Steph Curry and Kawhi Leonard on your list they will always come out on top, no matter how you sort it.


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  • brunopalermo

    Thank you for the example but it seems that yours only works on "start of layout" ? Im trying to sort the array once AJAX has completed getting data and storing to my array, but when i applied to mine, it just ends up only being reversed

    And yes, i have tried to change your "repeat 30 times" to my "For each X element" and it worked fine like yours did

    Your sample is what im exactly looking for and im hoping you can help me further on this. Thank you!

    BadMario Ha! I understood that reference

  • You'd just have to put it under "On AJAX_EVENT_NAME complete", and call the AJAX event "on start of layout". It should work no matter where you put this.

    If you can share your code, I'd gladly fix it.


  • brunopalermo

    Thank you so much for trying to help! :)

    EDIT: please try to copy the WHOLE link and paste to download, im getting an error when just CLICKING it. apologies

  • There are two big problems in your file.

    1. When you get the stats and fill the array, the numbers are filled as STRINGS, probably because they come from a CSV. When you fill up the array 03_Live _Stats you should use int() in the Value field:


    Also, you dont need "VAriable3", just use "03_Live_stats.CurX" as I did above.

    2. You're only getting the first 10 players from your 02_Today_Stats, so, you're not listing the 10 best. You're just showing the first ten ordered by total score. 03_Live_Stats should have the same length as 02_Today_Stats. So, when you transfer players all of them will be there. Thus, when you sort 03_Live_Stats and reverse, you'll get them all. After that you can choose to only show the first 10, which will be the best ones.

    EDIT: Check this file for the solution.

    Hope this helps...


  • brunopalermo

    Ill check this tomorrow, its 12 am here :D ill be back at the same time so we can discuss more(maybe?). I really really appreciate this, thank you !

  • I got it now! brunopalermo

    I understand now, of course im "copying" the data of 02_todays_stats so i need to loop very curX of 02_today array (as you said!), and then store to 03_live_stats.

    I studied well your codes and converted it to what im more familiar with. It works fine and result are the same.

    That "int" (what do u call that? expression?) is a new thing for me and i thank you.

  • Yep. int(x) is a system expression to convert a float or a text to a integer. There are also str(x), which is almost never needed but may be and converts float or integer to a string, and float(x) that converts an integer or text to a float, that is, a fractional number like 5.2.

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