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  • Probably at some point these things i list will be added, either by the authors or 3rd party behaiours/plugins.

    Weight... so that you can have a scale say 0-9 0 being a balloon filled with helium that would slowley rise, and 9 being say steel, this would add greatly to the physics.

    Variable Gravity, 0-9 0 being no gravity and 9 being full gravity this could be turned on and off at points thoughout your game.

    Wind: again say 0-9 and direction this would also add greatly to the physics for puzzle type games and say vehicle games where jumps are used. Maybe in your game you have to position fans etc to blow objects to certain areas.

    Bouyance if thats how its spealt.... Again for water type physics.

    Anyway thanks for a great product easily the best value for money compared to other products on the market. Can't wait for the next 12 months to see this product really grow.

  • You can set gravity via the 'set gravity' action!

    Things like buoyant objects and balloons rising are actually due to fluid dynamics. In other words, a balloon rises because it is less dense than the gas of the air around it, and objects float because they are less dense than the liquid around it. The Box2D physics library only simulates solids - no liquids or gases. So you have to 'fake' these effects yourself. It's not hard to do - try applying an upward force slightly greater than the force of gravity while the object is supposed to float.

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  • Yeh sorry i noticed the gravity after i posted... i'll try the upward force idea.

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