Something went wrong in this version R213 *HELP*

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  • Line by line acotations make easy to me to redact:

    01- Im using the version R213 for 64 Bits

    02- Im a early-adopter, so dealing C2 from a time now, and a 40yo programmer, old school so I do tons of research and test before post anything.

    03- I have used Intel XDK in the past, as well as Ludei with no major issues.

    04- My Game, was running well everywhere, even via web browser on phone, and quite good on tablets and web based.

    05- I made last two updates, (here must be the issue MY GUESS) one of them polishing Win8 compatibility at export.

    06- The game export and runs to web WELL only on IE (amazing he?); Anything based on Mozilla/Chrome doest not work.

    07- Intel XDK Import the game, says Success and shows the index.html file but...

    08- No emulation, and the export to apk didnt work at the phones tested. I asume cause its wraping to chromium guts.

    09- I suspected from my code, jump 5 versions behind... when every was wright and... Same just IE seems to work

    10- Dont know what to do, I test Sistematically every option, from IcecreamS, to lastest... tweach everying, nothing works.

    Normally this is solved with something REALLY simple, like a (;) missing, the problem is, I dont have a clue about what to touch.

    Please help, Im really desesperado here...

    Any tip to rollback to the stable version?

    Aldo "Arcanebits" Alain

  • you should have auto back ups in a folder somewhere.. if you do they where saved in the old version.

    just reinstall the older stable release and pull the project in from a auto back up.

  • If you don't have auto backup: Save your game as a project, then open the caproj file with notepad. Find this line and replace the version code to be able to open it with an earlier C2 edition:


  • Firstly, to save over your work with a new beta release without first making a backup is unforgivable.

    Having said that, it is easy to revert to a previous version by simply editing one file:

    This will only work as long as you haven't made use of any new features after r212.2, obviously.


    1. If it's a project file - a .caproj file, skip step 2.

    2. If it's a capx, unzip it (capx are just zip files basically) using such as Winzip, 7 zip etc, or load and save as a Project.

    3. Now, open the caproj file in a plain text editor.

    4. Look for the following string, minus quotes: "<saved-with-version>". It's only a few lines down from the top.

    5. You'll see this tag has a 5 digit number; it's the c2 version padded with 2 zeros (so, r213 will look like 21300). Change the first digits to match version you want to revert to, i.e. 212.2 would be 21202.

    6. Save

    7. Double click .caproj to open within C2

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  • There are known bugs in r213. It's a beta release, sometimes things are broken. If you're not prepared to deal with issues like this, stick to the stable releases.

  • Thanks for all for the Answers!

    Having backups its not a problem, I have tons of them even by week "Zenoz98"

    I find every sugestion made really suitable, so im going to try them all!

    And yes... its stupid to try production level with the betas heheheh

    Again, Thanks to everyone! Great Team!


  • Hi again...

    IT WORKED! Problem Solved!

    Thanks again!

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