Someone just joined my testing layout somehow... I'm creeped out... (Please somebody explain this)

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  • First of all, I just want to say that everything that I am about to say has REALLY happened, and I'm very creeped out.

    I just started developing a multiplayer game. Completely ignorant about any of the required knowledge, I decided to use the already existing template of the real-time shooter game.

    The project was working just fine 5 hours ago, before I had to shut down and do something. When I came back, the project didn't work properly anymore (The host started controlling all peers whenever moving, which didn't happen before I had to shut down, and many of the controls/inputs were switched). Thinking they were all flukes, I went along with fixing them. It didn't work. Whenever I would fix one event, others would somehow return to the wrong values (I even remember saying "what is happening?" under my breath by instinct).

    After countless tests (2.4+ hours), something very odd happened... Someone joined my testing layout... Y'know? The one that is supposed to be local and that requires someone to have the actual app/project file to run it?

    They joined with the alias "f" and just ran around and hopped everywhere (Which is even more odd, considering the aforementioned bug where the host controlled all peers was not fixed, but seemed to had no effect on them whatsoever despite myself being the host). Until I said "hello?", to which they replied with "Hi". Then I asked "How you doin'?", to which they answered "Nothing". And finally, when I asked how they ended up on my local server that they should not have access to, they left the room...

    Additionally, even if the person had somehow gotten the app, the way in which I made joining the actual game was pretty hard (You had to write a name on a single textbox on the login menu, and then press "d". Pressing "enter"/"return" would have went to the game layout but would have given an error). In other words, there is no way of joining the game room unless you KNEW the way, and since only I knew, I believe that person had somehow gotten their hands on the project file (Which would also explain the weird differences that occured during the gap of when I had to go do something)...

    Something wasn't right. I did not give my app to anybody, and my testing layout was on my local network, so there is NO WAY I can think of that person could have had access to my layout...

    It may be significant to note that I use the free Scirra server, and again, I modified and used the shooter template.

    Can anyone PLEASE explain what had happened? Was it a hacker?

    Again, on my life, this is ALL true.

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  • If you didn't change the default room name and game name, then anyone can join it from the default multiplayer template. Even if you changed these values, there may be a way to somehow get them from the signalling server. (or guess, or brute-force)

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