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  • Ok so I've got 2 questions, if anyone could answer one or both I'd be really happy.

    1 - I'm trying my hardest to follow the tutorials 'by the book'. However I seem to be missing all the assets or some of them.

    I am currently on the 'Create a platform game' tutorial by Ashley, her tutorials are excellent and I am highly motivated to continue learning with them, however I seem to be missing important files in order to go through the tutorials as required.

    I did download the Free Bundle (34mb), however, what I need for Ashley's tutorial does not seem to be present in there.

    Can anyone point me proper directions as to where to get my assets ?

    2. Being part of the community

    Can someone give me advices on how and where to get as much education out of the forums and its community as possible ? Are there any specific places to follow? Anyone in particular ?

    Thank you.

  • Welcome to the community!

    Most important point to note is that Ashley is a guy...

    Q1. There's a link at the bottom of the page that links to a free bundle of assets that you can use with your game making practices. I think that might be what you're looking for. The thing about practicing making games, unless you are going to hire someone to make your assets for you, it's worth starting to learn how to make graphics now. Either you'll become an ace, or you might want to keep your limits in consideration when you get into more design detail - you might want to get a friend in to help...

    Regarding your question 2... The tutorials and the manual are both great resources. The tutorials cover lots of topics and, although it might seem daunting at first, it's worth reading through some of the more popular basic tutorials to gauge your level of understanding and ability. Then I would suggest you try and make a really simple game. Think of the most simple game you can, then think of a simpler version of that - and then try and make it - and I mean really finish it. Although C2 allows you freedom from having to code, you will still have to develop lots of game logic and the only way to become proficient is to practice, get stuck (read manual / tutorial), make progress, get stuck (read manual / tutorial) and so on.

    Good luck and enjoy!

  • Thank you for your fast response. My apologies for me confusing Ashley's gender.

    I did download the free bundle but it does not seem to contain what I need to use to perfectly follow Ashley's tutorial. I also have artists at my disposal who are able to draw brand new assets for me, my current dilemma is that I do not seem to be able to get my hands on what's used by Ashley in his tutorial, which seems to be essential to arrive to the same final product.

    So far I've done games with RPG Maker VX Ace and a little bit of extremely simplistic stuff with Game Maker. I've also finished the first of Ashley's tutorial which makes me create an 'on top' shooter game. The platform game tutorial being the second, is where I'm currently 'stuck?' at.

    • Thank you for the directions you've given me about the community. I appreciate it.
  • If you get stuck then it's worth searching through the questions forum () to see if it's a problem that's been asked and answered before. If not, just post your question and be ready to share your capx (it's almost impossible to help just by looking at screen shots of a few events or just from a text description of a perception of a problem. I tried using GM for a while - once you get used to C2 you'll never look back...

  • I guess I can summarize my question as ' Where do I get the materials that Ashley uses for his tutorial ? ' I can't seem to find that question answered in the forum section you linked me.

    I guess I'll create a topic there ?

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  • I haven't checked but I think this question has come up before. Do a forum search in the questions forum first before starting a new topic. There is also an assets forum that has links to sites with lots of free assets...

  • The specific sprites/assets used by Ashley in his tutorials are provided in an asset bundle you get when you buy a full license.

    Nonetheless, to follow the tutorial "all" you need is any kind of sprites.

    You can find some on for example. Character spritesheet, or just a simple character.

    At worst, you can directly draw within the image editor itself.

    "Easier" to follow and providing all the assets within the tutorial you can go through the "beginner's guide" if you haven't already.

    C2 comes bundled with example that you can browse from the startup page.

    You can also check the tutorials, the Manual, the How do I FAQ...

  • Thank you very much for telling me all of this. I fully appreciate it.

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