Can I use someone elses Paypal account

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  • I'm intending to buy C2 around next week due to the "price hike" in the next 2 weeks. I'm just wondering if its possible for me to use my friend's Paypal account to buy C2 since I don't have a bank account whatsoever so I'll just be handing out to him the exact amount and he'll just buy it through his Paypal account.

    My question is this, will the license be under his name since it was his account that was used to buy C2? If so, is it possible to change the license to my name?

  • If you look HERE you will see a license can be bought as a gift, so this would probably be the way to go.

  • Oh I see, I guess that makes sense. Let me check that one out.

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  • If someone bought me a license (the license name is my name), then can i have the early adopter badge? :)

  • I guess so. I think that's about right.


    I live in the Philippines, so I would probably need to convert my Philippine Peso to either a US Dollar or Euros, I checked the latest and hopefully the accurate Peso-Dollar exchange rate on Google and it said: 1 U.S. dollar = 44.1306267 Philippine pesos

    So in my conversion, 32 US Dollars would be 1412.18 Philippine Pesos. Is it safe to say that I'll pay my friend 1412 Pesos and he'll purchase C2(through gift) on his Paypal account for me through my email address?

  • I done the same thing used a friends Paypal and gave him the cash. But i never got the early adopters badge. I put a thread in the website issues but Tom never answered it :(

  • I see, well, I did hear he had problems on his emails and had to manually... "re-dispatch" it? So yeah, maybe thats whats happening right now.

  • If you have problems, see THIS POST for email contact.

  • smitchell, sorry if I never saw it! Send me an email to with your username and Paypal transaction ID.

    Also, 'purchase as a gift' is the best option if you want someone to buy Construct 2 for you.

    If purchased as a gift, of course you can have your badges! Just send us an email with your transaction ID (you might need to ask the purchaser for this ID) and username.

    If you purchase as a gift it let's you specify who the license is for.

  • Thanks for the info, and with that, I'll collaborate with my friend.

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