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  • I have been messing around with the new shadowlight but i cant seem to find a way to have sprites hidden in the shadows which can also cast shadows themselves. Maybe its just a mix of blending modes or something but it eludes me at the moment.

    All suggestions welcome

  • Bump

    I am assuming, based on some other posts that this isnt possible.

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  • Is it not just an opacity issue? The light sources are completely blacked out because they're in 100 opacity shadows, but even then they still cast shadows. If you drop the opacity then it seems to work how I'd expect it to.

    Unless I'm misunderstanding..?

  • Hmm my fault for not explaining .

    Essentially the blue sprite should cast its own shadows ( not as a light ) but be invisble in shadows cast by the light.

  • Ooh, I see now. It's a z-order thing. If you set the light emitter to be at the top of the z-order, then the blue sprite is shrouded in shadow as expected.

  • Ha great, thanks. Never thought about the Z order

  • What about if we want the blue sprite to cast shadows, be visible when in direct light, but when goes behind on other shadow casting object be covered from it's shadow..? The only solution I found so far is to use the line of sight behavior on the light to detect if it's visible from the light point of view, thus not shadowed from an other object=move it up in Z order, and when it's not visible from the light's point of view = push it behind the shadows. I find this solution not very effective or visually elegant.

    Any suggestions?

  • Whilst the Shadowlights are a great addition i am afraid at the moment there are too many graphical anomalies to make it useable. Hopefully there will be continued work on it.


    Dont you get that effect when you move the blue sprite underneath the shadowlight ? Thats basically what i asked and it seems to work as i would expect now.

  • spongehammer No, I mean something like the following example. The orange sprite should be visible and cast shadows while other objects should be able to cast shadows upon it.

  • Ah right i see what you mean now. You're right too the method you have used, although it works isnt very elegant

    As i said i think i will give it a while to see if it's developed further before i start to use it.

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