Can somebody explain to me the Kiosk mode inside NW.js ?

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  • Window Frame = Dragging Window, no issue here.

    Resizable window = Resizeable Window, no issue here.

    Kiosk mode:

    What does this mean ?

    I already have my application called for fullscreen mode using browser->Request Fullscreen.

    So what does Kiosk do ?

    It's not like it locks the PC since I can still press the window key and the start menu re-appear, since it doesn't lock the computer to show just the game, what the hell does this option actually do ?

  • Kiosk mode I think prevents user from leaving fullscreen mode, I do not think it has a point for games but to have a screen displaying something (like in stores or administrations) it can be useful.

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  • The Kiosk mode is useful if you are running the game in a public place (like an arcade). It disables the ability to right click and exit the game among other slight things. It bas3ically locks you out of your laptop unless you press Alt F4 or the Windows key

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