[Solved]List Plugin Bug?

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  • Hello World,

    Since I have been, on occasion, wrong before about things that I thought where bugs but where actually not I'm gonna ask this first here, before submitting a proper bug report.

    So download this video please, watch it(you're gonna have to rotate it in your video player cause it's upside down, sorry about that) and tell me what the heck is wrong with the lists? See how they behave, almost like they are lagging or something?

    I'd like to point out that the rest of my game runs fine, for the most part, but I don't really think that matters much cause the lists behaved like that from the very beginning(when I had just started working on the game) so at that point there really wasn't much of a game to lag....

    I didn't mess much with the properties eighter: tooltip-blank, initial visibility-visible,enabled-yes,type-dropdown list(tried list box too, no change), multi select-no, auto font size-yes, id-blank.

    The lists olso work perfectly fine when I run it in the browser on my pc, it's just on the phone that it does that.

    So, what's going on here? Is it something I am doing wrong? Is it something I can fix on my end? Or should I just submit a bug report and keep my fingers(and toes) crossed that a stable version that fixes this problem comes out before I finish&publish my game?

    Thank you.

  • Soooo.... nothing?

  • Rather than asking users to view a video, wouldn't it make sense to create a new simple .capx that just shows the error, so we can all test?

  • No, it wouldn't zenox98 . Because, like I said above, it works perfectly well in the browser, so a capx would be useless. What I am talking about is how it works once it's exported, wrapped and installed on an actual device...

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  • Still waiting for some suggestions/advice on this one....

    LE: Well it looks like crosswalk 14 solves this issue, the lists no longer "lag", yay.

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