[SOLVED] Why to Optimize with Crosswalk is necessary

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  • I have read Intel's Why is Crosswalk Important?

    But most of games I have played (downloaded from google play store) are less then 10mb and they are playing very well.

    If Crosswalk is necessary then how these apps are working perfectly. then my question is can I make these type of games, leff then 10 mb's. Even I had made a game. its 9mb but I did not optimized it with crosswalk. Its working fine in most of device but I have found a problem in HTC desire device. device showing flipped left to right and showing position upside of actual layout, mean display dodge to negative Y position, So I am in trouble that most mobiles can have these problem, I have made two apps both are playing in other devices but in that device same problem with position.

    My English is not gud and I am unable to explain it very well.

  • Crosswalk is basically necessary for Android 4.x devices. On those the built-in webview is either horribly slow or missing loads of features. On Android 5.0+, the built-in webview is as good as Chrome so the games should run fine.

    Android 5.0+ is (at time of writing) just over half of all devices. Once it reaches some vast-majority amount (say 90%), it won't be necessary to use Crosswalk any more.

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  • Thank you sir !

    this really helps me to differentiate between with or without crosswalk

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