[SOLVED] UserMedia: microphone needs Win 7 +

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  • I create the topic here rather than in "How do I...", because I know how to use it. I therefore want to ask if anybody already was successful using UserMedia to access the microphone in any way?

    I can request the microphone, and on approve the browsers show me that I actually access the microphone. I read somewhere that monitoring the mic doesn't work. So I thought, at least analyzing would work. But peak level is always -inf dB (which means total silence). It seems there is no routing going on from the microphone input to the audio object, which is contrary to what the manual says.

    So, was anyone successful?

  • The template/example that comes with C2 works fine here, under Chrome.

    If yours isn't working you might check the flags in the about config.

  • newt I'm sorry, but what template/example are you referring to? I only found a speech recognition demo, which is working, but not what I'm looking for. It is requesting speech recognition, not the microphone.

    No, everything is setup just fine, including Chrome. I don't have any problems accessing the microphone with my various music tools, no problems accessing it via Flash, just with C2 it's not routed. A dead stream.

  • Yeah that's the one I used. I would have thought that if speech recognition was working, so would the microphone.

  • Well, the microphone is working. Just accessing it with C2 isn't. At least not on my end. Maybe someone was successful requesting the microphone via UserMedia on a newer system (Win 7/8)?

  • Just looked at everything, and I have no idea how things are supposed to work.

    It hints at having to use the audio object from a tag, but the audio object isn't set up to do that.....

  • When requesting the microphone, C2 routes it to the audio object with the tag you give it in the request event. That's at least what should happen according to the manual ;)

  • I take it that means you have to have a dummy audio file playing?

  • No, as it is described a stream exists as soon as the request is done/appproved with the given tag ('Request microphone and route to audio using "mic" '). You then should be able to access the stream with the tag, e.g. applying the analyzer effect to "mic".

    EDIT: You just have to make sure, that the audio object is already present, before requesting the microphone - according to the manual.

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  • Here's a little capx. Does this work for anyone? microphone.capx

  • Couldn't tell at first, cause its like listening to yourself, and the text is constantly changing. Any way added delay effect, and it most definitely works.

  • Oh damn. What's your system, may I ask?

  • Just a meager 2011 Dell with win 7/64.

    I could try it on my xp but it doesn't even run C2.

  • Hehe, you've read my thoughts. Indeed I suspect XP is the reason that it doesn't work here. Thank you so much for taking the time.

    If somebody stumbles upon this thread and has XP running, please download the capx from a few posts before and tell me if it works for you (if the text changes constantly and you hear yourself, then it works).

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