[SOLVED] Troubles with NodeWebKit

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  • Hi everyone!

    I have the R190 version of Construct 2 and the NodeWebKit

    I open the example "Ghost Shooter ('Rain demo' version)" (I can also check later happened to anyone else).

    node in the web kit mode but fails!

    The strange (and funny) is that in versions (<r186.2) of Construct 2 does not happen.

    My specs


    Windows 7 Professional 32-bit


    Intel Core Solo T1300 1.66GHz


    3,00GB Doble-Canal DDR2 266MHz (5-4-4-12)


    Quanta 30A0 (U2E1)


    B140EW01V1 (1280x768@60Hz)

    Intel Mobile Intel 945 Express Chipset Family (HP) 256 MB


    465GB Hitachi HTS547550A9E384 ATA Device (SATA)

    Yes, I know it's a dinosaur but work perfectly in all versions(at least from R186.2 to R114) with NodeWebKit integrated to Construct 2.

    So, what is happening?

    PLEASE! And thank you!

    Here Images of what is:

  • Hmm, well, it could be a driver issue, your hardware is awful long in the tooth.

    r190 has a newer version of node in it; if you want, you can switch back to the older one while still staying on r190. Might fix your issue. I have a guide here:

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