[SOLVED] Strange "Blocked a frame" error in console

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  • Hi there,

    i am absolutely new to Construct 2, though without the Construct programming language knowlege i bought it and like it a lot until now. Though there are a few certainly basic knowledge things that i still do not understand.

    While creating my game and testing it out within my browser, the console shows me this error:

    Blocked a frame with origin "http://cdnsure.com" from accessing a cross-origin frame.

    I think this must come from either the momentjs plugin i installed or the geolocation, but i can not find said URL somewhere within the plugins. Anyone had this problem too?

    Thanks for your time and greetings from this corner of the planet,



    I just found out that it is the Ripple Emulator plugin for Chrome that throws this error.

    I am trying to embed the geolocation in my game and for this i needed something to emulate the GPS (what did not work)

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