[Solved r95] Next Stable Version?

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  • Hello guys.

    These days I've been testing the compatibility of Construct 2 with the mechanics of my game idea (will be commercial someday).

    With the roadmap of my project in mind, I'm wondering if you have an

    approximate date for the next stable release of Construct 2. This will determine if I use the stable 90 release or wait for the next one.

    Between r84 and r90 was just one and a half month. That's why I dare to ask :)

    Regards :)

  • you made the whole game or still working on it?? if you still working try to use c94 it have many features that will help you ^^ if you already finished you can use c90..

    anyway good luck ^^ don't forget to share it with us :)

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  • As say zsangerous there is really good things in new releases since the "stable" R90 so you will take no risk if saving a project in r90 and make a copy of this project for use with the last release and test it. Perhaps just looking at new features of this new versions since R90 can give you more ideas to how make your game better and decide you to install it ? ... probably some improved tests (checklist) are done to avoid bugs or incompatibility than could appeared with new features in a stable release but unstable are really usable too.

  • I think Ashley said the next version is going to be a stable one.

  • Yes, if I recall correctly, every five versions are supposed to be stable. 90 was stable, so 95 will be stable.

  • We don't have any strict schedule, but I aim approximately to make a beta release every week and a stable release every 6 weeks (originally I planned every month, but I think that was too short). There should be a new stable release in the next few days.

    However, I would strongly recommend updating to every stable release as it comes out. This will prevent you running in to bugs and problems that we've already fixed. On the other hand there may be new issues, but you can let us know about them, fall back to the previous version, and keep working.

  • zsangerous I'm still testing some features of C2, so I could wait. And now r95, the new stable release is out! :D Cool.

    I think I will finally work with this one.

    Thank you all guys :)

    You're so kind!

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