(Solved) Project Keeps Crashing

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  • When I try to open an existing layout in my current project Construct 2 crashes. I was using these same layouts yesterday fine. Today any layout that is not current in the view tab when I open the project will cause Construct 2 to crash when attempting to view the layout.

    I had this same issue with another project I was working on earlier this year. Both projects and layouts worked fine in the earlier stages and then broken. Event Sheets for those layouts still load fine.

    anyone have any suggestions?



  • Just did another test.

    I can actually open the project and close one of the layouts that is currently open. When I try to re-open/view that same layout it will cause Construct to crash as well. So the layouts that a currently open when I launch the project work fine and I can interact with them...but if I close and try to reopen the layout it crashes.

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  • I updated my video card driver and the issue continues. I am trying to RDP from Google to my home PC and maybe that is causing the issue as I noticed I get a message that says the Video options are limited once I connect. I will try again from home and see if the issue goes away.

  • Yep it is Google Remote!

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