[Solved] iOS double text bug

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  • Hello my friends,

    Did someone got a visual bug of double text?

    It looks like that:

    I get it only on iPad2 mini.

    Tested also on adnroid, pc, chrome, firefox, IE...

    * The text is ONE text object only

    * The text have blend mode.

    * Text have outline effects but now they are disabled.

    * Text in a layer with scaling of the layer.

    * Layer have own texture ON.

    * I CAN NOT use sprite fonts.

    Please help,

    Thank you.

  • Please, help...

  • I testet the issue a lot, and made some researches.

    The problem is Canvas-Built-In-Blend-Modes on Apple devices, even on iOS that supporting WebGL (I'm talking about you iPad Mini2 iOS8, iPhone 6 iOS9.1, but still have to test out iOS10)

    I have the feeling that the problem have something to do with how apple devices deal with graphics, because there is no bugs on pc(using Chrome, Firefox,IE, Opera) or android devices (Galaxy S4, LG G4).

    But I still hope that I that I can somehow fix the problem without disabling the effect.

  • All bugs go right HERE and will surely be investigated in a few days.

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  • All bugs go right HERE and will surely be investigated in a few days.

    I know, but I tried to reproduce the bug on stand-alone .capx file, and I could not reproduce it outside.

    Moreover I used third party outline effect...

    But now it does not matter, I found the cause and the solution:

    WebFont in a wierd combinations and only on iOS devices.

    Reproduced on iPhone, iPad and iPod...

    Fallback solution - indicate iOS device and change the font to a standard one (hopefully similar to a desired one).

    Generic, little ugly, possible could be prettier, but it works.

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