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  • Ashley

    There has been a growing thread on the Ouya developer forum regarding the software implementation of the Deadzone.

    Ouya Deadzone problem

    I remember using the gamepad for a PoC twinstick shooter in Construct 2 and noticed an angle problem. So like the last pages of the Ouya thread. I decided to write up a Construct 2 version of the test app.

    The design of the app is that when the left analog stick is moving. A transparent dot will be drawn at the location. The result is that an apx a circle is drawn.

    Ideally an image similar to this an XBox 360 controller

    After testing the program. That is not the result.Construct 2 Test CAPX

    The thread at the Ouya website linked to an article that suggests another way for doing a a different deadzone. Where the only the centre is dead not the along he entire XY axises.

    Now I admit that I dropped the twinstick shooter I was doing for the Ouya in favour of only needing a pure left/right, but I thought I would still bring he attention that the current C2 deadzone implementation could use some work.

  • So, basically just use a radial deadzone?

  • LOL, NM. I never saw the property :D

    I thought the deadzone area was defaulted with no access :D. With access that becomes another matter.

  • jayderyu - the article you linked to made a good point about the unsuitability of axial deadzones, though. I've changed it to use a radial deadzone for the next build.

  • Thanks. I had originally thought the dead zone value was in the plugin. When I noticed we could set it to zer0, then we/I could just create one in the event system.

    But this is in fact way better to have a radial deadzone in the pluing itself. Thank you very much Ashley :)

  • Hi Ashley, may I ask a favour of you?

    You are obviously very good at computers, so I'm wondering if you will help me set my gamepads obvious axial deadzone to a more radial deadzone like the one in the OUYA post on "Doing Thumbsticks Right". If you have the time to help me, please reply so that I can give you more info if you need any :P



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  • MDAWG - you should follow the release notes of the updates we published - since this forum thread, we already updated the Gamepad object to use a radial deadzone.

  • The thing is Ashley, I googled "how to fix axial deadzones" and it braught me here. I have no idea how to make games (wich is what this website is for as much as I can gather). I'm just looking for someone with the knowledge of how to fix axial deadzones to help me out!




    understandable, but Construct 2 now already implements the axial deadzone from the article listed. So there is no need to "fix" C2 deadzone as it's already done.

    Now if your asking for help outside of Construct2, the link to the fix axial deadzone at the top where I made the OP should link to the fix. and here below.


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