[solved] Empty AJAX response on iOS Browsers

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  • Hello everyone!

    First let me explain where i started.

    I've made a simple form to build my database-connection around it. Screenshot shows Windows Chome:

    When i click on "post score" it sends the name and score and recieves either "success" or "failure" from the server,

    the green checkmark next to the button appears and a text displaying the server response (this ONLY happens when the response is NOT "")

    The same goes for "show table". The server echoes me the table as an xml and when the response is NOT "" it will be converted into good looking text. also the green checkmark (as you can see on the screenshot)

    I send and read a score using the ajax object with POST method. Variable "f" tells the server whether this is a read or a write action. Have a look!

    Now the good news: it works!

    And the bad news: not in iOS!


    Out of nowhere, it works. It just works and i have no idea why it didnt work before.

    I realized it just when i was typing this. I will post it anyway for your inspiration,

    because score systems are awesome

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  • And it's a good inspiration!! Thanks for your post

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