[SOLVED] How to draw bullets as sprites and more

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  • Hi, I?m brand new to C2 and I want to draw bullets as sprites at the bottom of the screen and it vary according to a variable called arrows. What is the correct way (fast way) to accomplish it ? I?m afraid to use "Every Tick" event...

    Second problem:

    I?m trying to build a game to my XPeriaPlay so I used mobile template but the screen not fit correctly. What?s the best resolution to fit to target more devices ? (simple way please)

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hello Vinians. What are you looking for with these bullets? Do they spawn on a trigger, condition, or at certain time intervals? Is it just a counter for how much ammo? I can think of a few ways to do it, but I don't wanna suggest something way off from what you're working on!

    Take care bro!

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  • Is it just a counter for how much ammo..

  • Example capx.

    Please stick to one thread, don't multiply the same questions over the forums.

    As you can see, it's not an "easy" one, you need to keep the UIDs of the sprites in some array or dictionary, helping this way to pick the correct sprite when removing ammo.

  • Exactly what I need! Thanks for help!

    About multiple post, was because I dont know if I'm allower to "UP" the post to avoid double post!

  • You can bump threads after 24 hours, that's the common netlabel in that case.

    It's better to keep it to one thread rather than spreading all over the forums for people who use the search function.

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