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  • Hello,

    Any suggestions on how to handle this...

    I have input forms, such as input boxes and drop down menus.

    If I put a layer above these and set the layer with the input form to invisible, and I click a spot that the form is at (but yet invisible) my next onclick action is ignored. Ie: I have to click something twice to make the onclick/touch action fire

    The only thing I can think of is on making the layer invisible to make the form disabled, but I am seeing if there is another way before I change my whole project.


  • Maybe try posting a simplified .capx will help us understand better.

    One thing to remember is that form elements float above the canvas, so trying to add a layer above a form element could be the problem.

    If the layer is invisible, just have it's x-position set offscreen, and re-position when needed. That way it won't be able to interact by accident.

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  • Cant you stuff all the form controls in a family and their events below a group?

    Then when the form is not needed, make the family invisible, and disable the group so the events wont fire.

  • both of those solutions worked great! the family option seemed to be quickest.


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