Solution for everyone having issues with Admob & Intel XDK !

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  • So I have seen threads and thread within thread with people complaining that it JUST doesn't work, and you have the people who SAY it works until you ask for prove and then all they have is their nose to show for.

    Enough with the arguments, this is the solution, and moderators, you would do everyone a service by making this a sticky temporarily until Intel get their SXXt together.

    First, history:

    The latest version of XDK/AdMob Combi is a DISASTER.

    I also have to disable WKWebView because it is causing all kinds of compilation errors with the latest version of the XDK.

    I am so going to NEVER USE XDK again after this project, I am SICK and TIRED of them CONSTANTLY .... just CONSTANTLY breaking their own software.

    Check out their LATEST stunt:

    Using EXACTLY the version they want you to use and still says please use the version that you have already selected.

    It is like the bully that ask why are you hitting yourself.

    And when you ask them, their answer is "please send us your project file so we can find out".

    Sure why don't I give you MY ENTIRE GAME....

    I am SICK AND TIRED of having to deal with Intel XDK's "don't know when it will break again" periods...


    Public Service: Use Build 2866 of Intel XDK, works PERFECTLY.

    Don't use construct 2's "new Intel XDK project format" and don't use WKWebView, it is causing all kinds of issue with XDK.

    I don't know about you, but it took me half an hour to export my game because of the graphics so I WISH I knew all these earlier.

    You are welcome.

  • So the solution is using older Intel XDK?

    Few days ago i was using latest build of C2 and Intel XDK for android for testing purpose. And the result is awesome with 30-50 fps, so far no issues. My game is using localstorage, many plugins like tween, canvas, transition, file chooser (opening image from gallery, camera, dropbox) and tons of sprites. I am satisfied.

    I dont know about admob, my game still under development. I'll post it whenever i'm ready

  • Use the older version ONLY if you need Admob to work, that is all.

    [Update, it seems the latest build randomly works with either Android of iOS but never both at the same time, I am done with this bullcrap, sticking with the older version of XDK.]

  • From Intel developer zone:

    Intel XDK 2893 download

    Submitted by SWATI S. (Intel) on Thu, 03/31/2016 - 11:52

    Hello Developers,

    Due to few issues in version 3088 of Intel XDK (which we are already working to fix), we got request to make the older version available. Although we highly encourage you to use the latest version of Intel XDK (3088), we are making the older version 2893 available for developers who really cannot work with the new version. The installation binaries are attached to this post.

    Intel XDK team

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  • YEAH !

  • I have this plugin working really well on 3088... The only thing you need to do is add it using the intel-xdk.config.additions.xml file. Add this

    <intelxdk:plugin intelxdk:name=""

    intelxdk:value="" />

    Note: Remember to remove the plugin from plugin manager.

    This is working on IOS and Android.

  • And why didnt anybody place a link to an older version here?

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