Solution for the double-input bug in Sansung S3

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  • Hey Ashley,

    I found a article with fix that can solve the double-input bug on S3. Please do a look: ... les-part-2

    Could you implement this? I get this bug report from many publishers and would be great to have it solved. Thanks!

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  • I don't really want to for a couple of reasons:

    • the workaround looks like it's based on timers, which means it probably can't distinguish between genuine fast inputs and buggy inputs
    • it's hard to accurately identify affected devices, so the fix could end up being applied to the wrong devices and unnecessarily affect input where it would otherwise work fine
    • AFAIK, Chrome for Android is not affected, and you really should be encouraging everyone to use that - it's far faster and far more reliable, so your game will overall run significantly better. And if we worked around the stock browser issue, it reduces the incentive to use Chrome.

    In the past we've tried hacky workarounds like this and it just ends up with more bug reports since the workaround has unpredictable side-effects. The best workaround is just to use Chrome!

  • I would love this to be implemented. But please don't ashley. A hack for one phone to comprimise many isn't a good thing. Samsung S3, S4 are full of bugs... this would only fix 1 little issue at the expense of all the other mobile phones, samsung needs to sort there issues out and that list is long!

    samsung - webtrc (get with the program samsung - you gone and broke chrome mobile browser on your phone - fix it)

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