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  • Hi

    I like Constructor !I'm testing some engines to develop 2D games to web and mobiles and this a very good app.

    I'm having some problems:

    • how to make a solid sprite have a movement up and down...? like a elevator.
    • how to make a auto mirror work in a sprite with platform behavior? I had a solution with keyboard events and animations , but "mirror" should work... or not?



    Toy Art War

  • Sprite moving up and down: try the 8 direction behavior, but set its 'directions' property to 'up and down'.

    Auto mirror: you need to use the 'set angle' action. For example:

    + On left arrow pressed

    -> Sprite: set angle to 180 degrees

    + On right arrow pressed

    -> Sprite: set angle to 0 degrees

  • Hi Ashley

    thank you very much!

    I'm talking about to set up a animation automatic, like it in a path.

    I get to use 8 moviments up and down, but this work just with the keyboard.I need the solid go up and down automatic and I don't know how to make this with events and if it's possible.

  • ah

    I get to solid move using:

    sistem/repeat x times / sprite/simulate 8directions pressing up

    but I can't stop the solid at a determined position and back to start...

    can you help me?

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  • aha

    the answers was in the examples folder ... marvelous!

    thank you Ashley nice program.

    I hope we can have a grafic interface for this in near future?

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