Any software interferes with Construct 2?

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  • I've discovered this since last year, it seems that an app will interfere with Construct 2, causing a "save roadblock".

    That "save roadblock" that I mean is Construct 2 might hang at certain elements when saving projects, such as layouts. Or more simpler, Construct 2 becomes "sluggish".

    An app that I discovered interferes with Construct 2 is Winamp, am I right? Any solutions?

  • Uninstall Winamp? I mean if it indeed is causing such an issue to affect other software.

    In general, software won't cause errors in other software. if winamp is using a high amount of cpu then the whole system would have less cpu to use, so c2 would be slower.

    If software does cause issues in other software then it's either abusing system settings or it's virus ridden.

    That's just my thoughts. I don't use Winamp, but since it's to play music, it should not affect other software at all.

  • I dunno,

    But the problem only occurs sometimes when a music is played. Maybe the playback is biting some CPU randomly, perhaps?

  • There could be something that collides with Construct 2 under the hood (just like you can't use XAMPP and Skype at the same time). I'd go with uninstalling Winamp and picking a different music player (I know, it's not a pleasure to part from our favourite softwares.. try using foobar2000, it works fine with C2).

  • Also, if you have any audio software that's using ASIO drivers, it may interfere with other apps using sound as, if I'm not mistaken, the drivers would only allow one application per time to use the soundboard. Not sure it happens in newer versions.

    Also, Winamp causes a lot audio driver locking in my Windows 7 machine.

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  • glerikud - Well, maybe I can use Windows Media Player or Groove Music (Music app in Windows 10) to play my musics.

  • This doesn't make much sense, particularly since Construct 2 doesn't use any audio playback features like a media app does.

  • I use Winamp and Construct 2 for years and never had a problem with them conflicting. Both softwares have crashed in the past, but it happens very rarely, and I've never perceived any sign of incompatibility. I guess it must be something else on your computer.

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