No social integration, might have to switch engines, advice?

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  • I spent the last 6 months making a game with C2, which I completed, was compiled using CocoonJS, and used the work arounds of opening Facebook/Twitter in a browser window for social sharing. The game was actually ready to launch in all the app stores, but got a publishing deal about a month before release, so the release has been postponed. Lots of new features were added but the main thing I'm trying to integrate is the full use of social sharing, the full Facebook SDK, share, post to walls, invite friends, leaderboards, and access the graphi api to check if something has been posted, get post_id etc. I originally thought I could just switch to Crosswalk for Android and Phonegap because of the Facebook plugins available for them, but even before getting to trying to integrate social stuff, I ran into way to many performance issues, the games runs really choppy/jittery on Crosswalk mainly because of the html5 issues with Chrome 38(I tested in canary and saw that this issue was fixed, but not yet in Crosswalk). On Phonegap game runs good on ios8 but absolutely horrible on ios7, and with ios8 market share only being about 47% at the moment I don't want to cut ios7 users out. That only leaves Ejecta and CocoonJS, Ejecta doesn't have an option for using the full Facebook sdk with C2 and even the newest CocoonJS, while it runs the game great, you can't access the graph api with the C2 version of the plugin. I thought maybe I could load a iframe and use the JS Facebook sdk, but I have no way to transfer data from that iframe to a variable in C2. Not really sure of any other ways to integrate Facebook SDK into my C2 game that work for both iOS and Android and it's looking like I will have to port the game to another engine. Advice anyone?

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  • We don't actually support CocoonJS officially any more. I'd recommend going with Crosswalk and PhoneGap for iOS 8+ - Crosswalk is updated every 6 weeks or so, so if you're waiting for any particular issue to be fixed then you won't have to wait long. And as a sign of how quickly iOS updates happen it's already up to 56% since you saw your 47% number, and that's about two months after release - so again, shortly it will be the vast majority of devices.

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