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  • Hi, just want to suggest some sort of escape button to abort the save process.

    I use Google Drive as my backup tool, and my construct 2 project folder is inside it. It is all good, except that GD likes to lock your files before syncing its changes, and construct seems not to like that very much. If the lock happens before the save is done (e.g. when I add multiple files to the project), construct usually freezes the save progress and I cannot escape the save process to retry to save my work.

    It is not a huge deal, because I usually pauses GD before starting my work, but sometimes I forget about it, just remembering when construct freezes the save progress and then sometimes hanging to a point of no return.

    That freeze situation just happens now with me, but I was able to revert it by forcing some error on construct hitting random keys at the keyboard and then saving the work again (pausing GD before).

    Anyway, it would be nice to have some sort of "escape" key/button to the save progress so it can fail gently, letting me try to save again. Thoughts?

  • Why not save somewhere else on your computer and set Construct 2 to backup to Google Drive once a day?

  • Or you could save it to a dropbox folder :P

  • yeah if google drive is gonna be a success their gonna have to get the syncing working atleast as well as Dropbox. Especially with the Dropbox program installed

  • Ashley Hmmmmm, I must say that I totally missed that option to save backup to a folder on construct preferences. It is an interesting one, i'll give a thought about how to use it in my workflow. I'm saving all plugins and examples needed to my work on the same backup project folder as well, for easy of use/consult and backup, so having everything on a single place would be better.

    Yeah, I could, but I'm using google drive as my work's backup solution, so it is better to have everything on just one place. :) In fact, dropbox has a better app all together for handling this kind of backup, from my experience, but google price/storage capabilities settled the deal for me to use it.

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  • Hey! Thanks for this thread. I was getting mad trying to find out why my C2 projects get freezed when saving.

    It looks like c2 and GD are a little conflictive

  • Hehe, yeah, but I blame most of it on the google app. That locking mechanism is really annoying sometimes, especially when you forget about it, but I guess it is needed due to the versioning that google drive provide; not sure, though.

    That lock and the fact that you can't move your google drive folder on your system are the big disappointment for me.

  • GD must be very aggressive with its locking and syncing. Construct 2 projects normally save in under a second but it creates and deletes some temporary files during that time which probably get locked by GD, interrupting C2's saving. You might want to raise this with Google - if they just made it wait a second before syncing any files this probably wouldn't happen, because by then all the temp files would be gone.

  • this just happened to me, it froze saving to my Flashdrive, and i know ive had it saving to my HDD before and froze too, this is an issue that makes me wanna punch my monitor when it happens. i tried the smash buttons and make it error, it errored, then shut down. nothing was saved. only been working on some stuff for a few hours... pretty bummed. im not sure why it saves and the progress bar just keeps moving and does nothing. but i hate it!!! =[

  • although it did save a .capx.backup1 but im not sure how its suppose to open, because its no openable in C2

  • sxespanky - just rename it to .capx.

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