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  • When using the keyboard shortcuts in the event editor to create an event, condition or action, after going through the wizard and pressing enter, when it appears, everything is deselected. This means that you have to click something again to use the keyboard shortcuts again.

    My request is for it to work a little more like construct classic does - that after creation, the event, condition or selection is highlighted instead of everything being deselected, so the user can type their way through multiple ACEs without the wizard deselecting everything and having to click each time. With C2's ability to move the selection with the arrow keys, it should work even better.

    My second request is that if there is no code in the editor, pressing E creates a new event, or if nothing is selected, pressing E creates a new event at the bottom of the event sheet, again like construct classic did it.

    Third, I think it would be a lot better if created conditions and actions appeared underneath the selected condition or action, the same way pressing E creates an event underneath the selected event, rather than at the end of the list.

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  • PM Ashley this idea...

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