Slow save times since beta r105

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  • Hi everyone. First post on the forums.

    I was wondering if anyone could help me with an issue I've been having since I downloaded the beta r105 release. Before this release, I was able to save projects (in .caproj and .capx formats) in an instant. The save time was really quick.

    Now, in beta r105, and in r109, the auto-backup and sometimes the backup portion of saving takes up to a minute, which is really frustrating, as I have a habit of hitting save every time I test my game, sometimes after really minimal changes. This of course, slows my development down a lot.

    Does anyone have any ideas?

    All my projects are backed up into a Dropbox folder, and I am running Windows XP on the computer I work on.

    Thanks in advance, Cameron

  • I don't think any code relevant to this changed in r105. Perhaps it's a slow drive or the system is busy when backing up? Or if you're backing up to a network folder, maybe the network is busy.

  • Ashley

    I too have this issue, but I've had it from when I started using Construct 2 around r99. I've had to play with fire and disable auto-backups.

    I've noticed the backup file is huge (half a gig), so not sure if that's anything to do with it? In settings it's only set to keep one backup.

  • thehen - woah, that's ridiculous, there's no way the backup should be that huge. It definitely sounds like a bug. Can you have a look and see why the backup file is so big? (If it's a .capx, rename it to .zip and just open it and have a look inside.) Also, are you working with a folder-based project or a single-file capx project?

  • Ashley

    Ah I didn't know you could just rename to .zip like that :)

    I use Git for version control and it looks like it's including the .git folder in the backups. Committing, then backing up the commit, then recommitting ad infinitum must have caused it to exponentially grow.

    I can't imagine what Subversion would be like with all the nested .svn folders :O

    Not sure what the solution would be - not to backup hidden folders?

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  • I had a backup file of similar size to thehen. Mine's around 380MB, last I checked. In any case, I found there was an option under the backup tab I had dismissed, that saved a backup every time you click save.

    I just turned this option off, and stuck to my auto-backups to my Dropbox folder every 15 minutes.

    Maybe that will help you thehen!

    But yes, Ashley, I believe some backup .caproj and .capx backup files are bigger than you think. I will examine mine in .zip format as well, thanks for the tip!

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