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  • Everytime I go to save my project, it takes hours to fully save. The project says that it is only 56 KB, but there is also an AUTOSAVE file which is 1400KB and a backup file that is also 1400KB. Are the backups making the save so slow, because the project itself doesn't seem that large. If so, can I turn off the backups?

  • Yes, you can turn off the backups.

    Go to Preferences > Backup > untick Auto-backup.

    You may want to also deactivate Autosave. Go to Preferences > Autosave > untick Enable autosave

    For some reason I'm having issues with saving, too, and it started just happening recently. There's a old thread about this, which I recently posted because I had problems, too.

    I don't know if my project would have saved after a certain number of hours because I wasn't willing to wait that long.

    In the thread I linked above, I first deactivated Auto-backup. But it wasn't enough because Autosave tried doing a back-up based on the frequency I had set it on. When Autosave kicked in, C2 was stuck again. Now I've taken off Autosave entirely and I've been working for about 2+ hours now we no issue so far. Hopefully it stays the same.

    There's a possibility it could be related to the newest build, but who knows?

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