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  • I've been traveling for a while and I've had to use my surface book to code lately. My game isn't huge; ~4k events with ~50-60 mb of images.

    Moving stuff around and placing stuff (for the most part) is pretty fast (cutting and pasting takes a bit), but when I press return or double click an event, it takes almost 3-5 seconds for the dialogue box to pop up. I thought maybe it was a resolution thing (the native and ONLY 3:2 resolution on the surface book is 3000 x 2000 with 175% upscale), but lowering the resolution didn't seem to help.

    I'm running windows 10 with an i7-6600 (2.81 dual core), 16 gb of ram, and 705 gb of ssd hard drive space.

    Can anyone think of anything to do to speed this up so it's more like my desktop? (it's near instant). I've been stuck with it for a while, but I'm starting to do some heavy coding, and waiting 3-5 seconds per dialogue box is pretty time consuming.


  • It's because you have a lot of objects directly under "Object types". If you organize them, or at least put them all in a subdirectory of "Object types" the lag will dissapear.

  • - ah brilliant! I will give that a shot - thank you!

  • - I just realized how long this is going to take...will more folders be better or all in 1 sub folder? I want to make sure if I'm going to spend an hour doing this, I do it the best way possible.

    By the way, talk about a serious design flaw in not being able to select multiples...

  • I always organize objects in dedicated subfolders (many) but I think one subfolder will do the job as well.

    Yes it's not possible to select many objects at once for some reason :/.

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  • Don't forget that surface book and surface pro (especially the i7 versions) have extremely aggressive power management when they are not plugged in.

    And they have even more aggressive power management when specifically in "power saver" mode (<15% battery?) (and for newer fanless models - if they hot). I've seen some tests where the i7 versions are continually throttled to <50% CPU capacity.

  • NetOne - yeah I pretty much always have it plugged in at full power, so it's not that.

    I just finished foldering everything and it helped a lot but it's still not perfect. I suppose I can live with this, though

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