Slow Physics on Internet Explorer

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  • Hi,

    I created a game, it runs smooth on Chrome, Firefox, iOS devices, Android devices, even on iPad2 Mini (big resolution to weak CPU ratio)...

    But very slow on internet Explorer, the slow-down occurs when the game playing about 50-70 small (~20x20px) triangle physic objects.

    Am I the only one to have that issue? Any suggestions?

    Thank you.

  • What version of IE? What's your OS? Have you tried on other computers?

    Personally I have tried a few games with Edge on Windows 10 and they all run pretty good.

  • To be honest, I cant reproduce it either, but our QA team found that bug and it happens only in IE.

    So I have to ask because I have no clue what is the problem....

    We both tested on 11.0.9600

  • you should try to get an fps counter in there to see, by default the physics are not framerate independant.

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  • I got it!!!

    I reproduced the bug!

    It happenig only when the Intenet-Explorer Dev-Tool (F12) is running.

    Look, I made a small demo with FPS monitors, one with dev tools opened one without...

  • one way to "correct" the slowdown would be to change the stepping mode to be framerate independant, but it might completely ruin the game though, it's something to try out.

  • That's expected.. it will also run slower if you run debug preview in C2. If you absolutely must have it opened while testing your game, just resize your game to a smaller window and it should run fine while still having the dev tool running.

  • I've also noticed that if you detach the debugger, so it's in it's own window, it runs a bit better.

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