Slow loading layout in Android

  • Hi,

    i'm developing a game that has 1 main layout (principal game level).

    In that level you can find other mini games around the game world. (one layout per mini games).

    After compiling the application with cocoonjs and tried in 2-3 devices, the game is very slow when loads the main layout at start (1 minute) and when the player going back from minigames to main (15 secs.)

    The only solution i find to this problem is setting "global - yes" to all heavy objects, like background.. but i can save at max one/two second.

    Anyone has some advice or trick, without having to castrate the game even more?


    Ps. sorry for my bad bad english.

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  • Ok, i solved.

    I turned off the WebGL acceleration and now there isn't one second of wait.

    I noticed that ON or OFF not influencing the performance, in my case.. and OFF resolves all my problems.

    Why WebGL slows down the game instead make everything more fast?

    It's a bug?

  • WebGL support on CocoonJS is still experimental, so you have to expect some strange behaviour on some devices.

  • Oh, thanks for response.

    Anyway i'm happy to have found the solution. For two days I was really worried, I didn't know how to fix that strange problem. And WebGL was the last thing to think about.

    Thanks again.

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