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  • Hi. Just downloaded the latest update but when I preview in Debug mode the default Inspect tab is very slow (30 FPS with 50% CPU Load) but when I switch to profile or watch tabs I get 60 FPS with 1% CPU (in chrome). I used a warpripple effect on 3 small objects and only 2 sprites for a small testing project. Why is it so slow on Inspect tab?

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  • because inspect tab checks for loads of variables that have to be refreshed each tick, therefore the slowdown doesn't happen because of number of objects / what you did on the scene, but because debugger has to update lots of values.

    it's a good thing that you can add to watch variables that only you are interested into, and change tab, which then shows the real performance. ofcourse if you watch too many vars you can get the same slowdown on watch tab too i think best to check fps/cpu/etc is to create your own ingame debugger and debug with it, turnable by some letter / variable

  • I just tried Edge and it runs much better there. I get about 55 FPS and 15% CPU load there and its just a little bit stuttering. But Chrome is unplayable in debugmode.

    But I will use the watch tab for important variables.

  • interesting, might be beause edge has a better JS engine currently (the best by performance at least as i've read online)

  • Bl4ckSh33p - Try using Nw.js for Construct 2 also has better performance.

  • I would but I cant cause I publish it to Windows Store (Edge). I hope Multiplayer will work in Edge soon.

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