No slots game tutorials, for online casinos?

  • Because there are no advanced or professional tutorials for slots games, roulette, poker, black jack, etc. For online casinos ?.

    Someone could give you some idea, how to make a good slot game ?.


    Several lines of game, animations, bonus, jackpot, connection to database, php, mysql, etc.

    I am a graphic designer, and it is very easy for me to contribute good sounds, videos and graphics.

    But I need a real guide how to make a professional video slot, like this example:

    Would anyone agree to form a team with me, and share resources, ideas and projects?


  • Hi Tragamonedasfull

    I have an old working slot.capx you can have. It just has the basic working mechanics of a slot machine. You can use it to build off of if you like.

    Here's the download link:

    This is my first time back here in a few years. I see a lot has changed! Iv been having an urge to get back into making games again. I might have to buy that shiny new Construct 3

  • If I remember correctly, this is the same .capx R0j0Hound posted HERE, but the downloads are currently invalid, so nice one for the link.

    I think a search should turn up a few more examples.

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  • That could be from R0j0Hound. I'm not sure though? I had a few old ones that other people also shared, but that was the only one I could find in my old files.

    Maybe one of these days I will go through all my old files, and upload all the useful .capx files I can find, and re-share them in a post since all the Dropbox links are broken now. I know they were all helpful to me when I was learning.

  • That probably is the oldest capx I've uploaded. The interesting thing about that capx is it was made before c2 had variables or animations for that matter. The only drawback is how it works is obscured because of that.

    I'd say with some certainty it won't be useful to the op.

  • ChrisBRobs has done a couple of decent slots in THIS thread. One uses a Effect to create the rotation, whilst the other does not. Might be worth taking a look at the last example from him on page 3, which includes animation, scoring, win effects, etc - Google drive link is still valid.

    If OP wants a fully working example then they would probably be best searching the Store for a good template.

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