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  • Hi Construct Experts,

    I'm trying (and I mean TRYING) to make a simple ski game... but failing miserably... lol!

    This simple touchscreen scroller has proven challenging for me and I'm either breaking it or spending too long on one thing!


    1. player control - ideally, I would like player to move left/right - follow touch (but had issues trying to use touch.x / touch.y - so I created buttons instead.

    2. SPEED control: - I've managed to control the scrolling background but getting the spawning tree's to behave at the same speed isn't working

    * no touch - increase speed.

    * Touch - decrease speed.

    here is my capx file.

    I'd be grateful if an expert would provide some guidance as to how I fix this.



  • I don't think you need an expert; just an extra pair of eyes (useful on any project). You can add an event to make the trees go at the right speed every tick:

    System: Every Tick

    tree: set angle -90

    tree: set bullet speed to speed

    I noticed another problem, though. If you move to the side long enough and get enough speed, you can have a wall of trees appear along the bottom of the screen.

  • Hi calebbennetts,

    Thanks for your time and advice. It's an armature effort (I'm afraid)... the idea is to:

    1. ski straight - speed increases

    2. left or right - decreases speed and incoming trees.

    not sure if Bullet is the right method for this as I've also tried TREE: self.Y = + speed * dt

    but it doesn't seem to resolve it

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  • But are you doing that every tick?

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