Skewed objects if previewing SetColor effect

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  • I've been getting this forever, don't think I've posted on it before. If I have the SetColor effect on a spritefont object, and turn on effects previewing in the editor, I sometimes get some or all of the text skewed:


    All text should be straight and in line with line 1 (which appears to be ok).

    Is this a known issue? It looks fine when I run the app. Pretty sure it's not just spritefont but other object types too.

    edit: if I scroll-zoom in or out, or sometimes if I click around the layout, I can get it to go away for a while

    also no other effects are on the objects or the layer, etc.

  • I have this happen too to a bunch of stuff using the tint effect and even stuff that has no webGL effects at all, but only when a webGL effect is being used on something. Ashley said it's a webGL problem my computer is causing but I don't know if that's the case because it happened for my friend too and he has a totally different computer set up so I find it hard to believe all of us have the exact same problem happening with totally different computers.

    The way I get it to stop is I go to my HUD layout and show all the layers which have a bunch of stuff on them all and then it usually fixes itself when I scroll the screen.

  • cool thanks for the confirmation. My drivers are all up to date, etc. so IDK what I could do to fix it permanently but zooming in and out seems to help.

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  • I'll try zooming in and out next time it happens because it seems to like to make all my trees go invisible on other layouts when it happens and they don't even have any webGL effects on them.

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